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Appingine is a branded sports and fitness app development company that is ever-ready to raise the standards of your fitness. Enriched with our extensive sports app development experience, we utilize our decades of experience to help you develop, monetize, and support your fitness idea, and bring it to life!

Versatile Fitness Apps Type For Your Sweating Needs!

Before diving into the world of fitness app development, you need to know about the different ranges of fitness apps. Being the leading fitness app development company, Appingine has the expertise to develop fitness apps that best with your preferences. Some of the popular forms are enlisted here:

Different Types of Fitness Apps to Suit Your Workout Requirements! - Appingine

Workout and exercise apps

Comprises of workout routines, yoga videos, exercise assistance, and a lot more for workout fanatics.

Nutrition and diet apps

Our diet app development integrates the latest metrics and technology to deliver customized diet and nutrition plans to users.

Activity tracking apps

Wearable and mobile apps that help monitor water intake levels, sweating metrics, heartbeat sensors, and a lot more.

Running & cycling apps

Count the steps you travel in a day or the calories you burn while cycling or running with our fitness app development.

Meditation apps

With life being more hectic, our fitness app developers create a vital meditation app that is a life savior for users.

Personal trainer apps

Get trained by professional personal trainers and get customized training as per your recommended fitness goals through our personal trainer's apps.

Fitness App Development Features

Impress all fitness fanatics and escalate their dream of fitness with our smart fitness app development services that come in handy with rich features and high functionality.

Profile creation

Allows the users to create their profile over the app. They can sign in via their existing accounts or sign up as new users over the app.

Diet plans

Get personalized diet plans as per your health, weight, age, and height. The metric considers all factors to generate the best plan for you.

In-app communication

Communicate with your personalized trainer or your colleagues in the app, and share your fitness story with them.

Personalized workouts

Get personalized workout sessions and exercise as per your availability. Get fit just the way you desire!

Subscription plans

Subscribe to premium subscription plans that allow you to have full access to the app to make the most out of your fitness.

Audio Instruction

With this feature, the users can listen to the instructions of their trainers or any other audio information with ease.

Why Choose Appingine for Fitness Solutions?

We have a proven track record in Fitness app development. However, for more facts, here are the motives that make us your ideal Fitness app development company:

  • Flexible Models
  • Milestone Deliveries
  • 100% Word Transparency
  • Proven Successful Results
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Professional Team
  • Guaranteed User-Friendly Interface

Our App Development Process


Our expert analyses the critical requirements of the app and lays out a strategy to start with the development phase.

UI/UX Design

Our talented UI/UX Designers craft an intuitive and visually appealing interface that will provide users with a user-friendly experience.


Our in-house Q/A experts test the developed app for any loopholes or bugs in the app, to ensure the seamless functionality of the app.

Analysis And Planning

As a team of professionals, we enlist all requirements in the “Scope of Work” to ensure a well-structured plan for seamless development.

App Development

Our front-end and back-end developers leverage the latest technologies and frameworks to craft a robust mobile app for you.


Once the client is satisfied and approves the app, our team deploys the application over the desired platform.

Tools and Technologies Used By Appingine For Fitness app development

iOS App Development
Native App Development
Hybrid App Development
Cross-Platform App Development

iOS App Development

The best frontend frameworks help Our developers use SwiftLint, Objective-C, RxSwift, CircleCI, Swift, SwiftUI, and CocoaPods for iOS app development.

Client Testimonials

What our clients are Saying.

We believe quality work speaks for itself. Here are some success stories that we’ve been a part of.

These guys are too good everything they gave us looks good and functions like they said. Professional and timely service produced results while also refining platform objectives and the brand identity. Informative discovery sessions kept the process dynamic and targeted in the short timeframe, which created high value for cost.
Sara Davis
Thank you Team Appingine you guys have a great understanding of what's current, and get things done very quickly compared to others. Reliable communication and qualitative suggestions on useful functionality during the planning stage made for a final product that surpassed initial expectations. Their Project management is amazing, Tight deadlines were reliably met without issue. Our Strong recommendations if you’re looking for quality work.
Scarlett Lawrence
We're so glad after completion of our App development project by Appingine, they stands for the incendiary fusion of form and function. You can see and feel the difference. They make apps that excite your eyes and set your thumbs on fire. Thank you "Team Appingine Inc."
Jesenia Liseth Tovar
We hired Appingine for a mobile app development project. We had a great experience with them. Appingine delivered a user-friendly app that doesn’t require any special knowledge of Android devices. That was our goal, and we got it through Appingine services. They were well-organized and professional. The Appingine team was highly responsive and kept us updated 24/7 through a project management tool. They let us know in advance about any potential delays.
Kevin Smith
Thanks Appingine! They are very nice people with highly professional skills. They developed the mobile application for company from us. We are really amazed with your services, we definitely recommend them for Mobile Application development projects.
Clint Franco
I recommend Appingine. The service is excellent and everything you would expect and more. I am pleased to have worked with them and very satisfied.
Douglas Borthwick Esq.

Frequently Asked Questions

The key functions of the fitness app are the registration process, person profile, wearable technology assistance, exercise or weight loss plans, video tutorials, and many more.
Yes, we can! Whether you have your own UI/UX layout prepared or need us to design it, we will let you broaden your solution from any stage of the development cycle.
Since we have already developed several health projects in our portfolio, we additionally have hands-on experience in integrating 3rd-Party Health and health APIs. In our health app development organization, we particularly worked with numerous APIs that include Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, Garmin, and a lot more.
Sure. Our fitness app developers usually use either React Admin or Graph CMS which will construct a slick and lean Dashboard. But we’d be glad to choose the exceptional-matching framework, depending on your use case.