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Always watch yourself!01

After the pandemic, it becomes very important for us to be aware of everything that is happening around us. Of course, getting news on TV is a viable way to find out about your neighborhood. However, you should have something handy for your pocket to alert you to the latest news! Trusted by more than 40 million readers worldwide, TruNews offers the best news, stories, and events from over 200 local news sites. If you've always wanted to know, then the Smart News app has everything you need!

Watch your favorite channel!02

Today's news channels seem biased. They choose their idol - and for that matter, the news channels always portray them as saints and not idols - as demons. As a result, everyone has their own preference for news channels. Keeping this factor in mind, this best smart news app has a list of different news channels for you. Find the news channels you love and send news easily!

Appingine | mobile app development company
Appingine | mobile app development company

Integrated with the Podcast section!03

Many of us are not big fans of hearing news directly from reporters, preferring to listen to podcasts! - and for such realistic minds, we have integrated our app with a podcast section. Podcasts are uploaded from time to time and include highlights of all the important news you need to know! Not only that, but if you somehow missed information and want to know more about it, you can easily search for news using the search bar!

Push Notifications!04

The day is 24 hours long and anything can happen during that time. So we decided to integrate the app with push notifications. Whether it's Biden replacing Trump or a protest against Black Life Matters, our push notifications will keep you up to date with all the interesting or worrying things happening in the city. News you missed? Don't worry; Our push notifications have you covered there too!

Appingine | mobile app development company

About TruNews App05

TruNews is the world’s leading news source that reports, analyzes, and comments on global events and trends with a conservative, orthodox Christian worldview. Our vision is to build a global news network that provides a credible source for worldnews, events, and trends while giving respect and honor to Christians of all major denominations – Evangelical, Orthodox, Anglican, Catholic, and Protestant. We believe Christians need and deserve their own global news network to keep the worldwide Church informed, and to offer Christians a positive alternative to the anti-Christian bigotry of the mainstream news media.

Appingine | mobile app development company

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Appingine uses the cutting-edge technologies and gadgets in order to persuade the best user-experience for our potential clientele.

Appingine uses the latest tech to provide the best user experience for our clients.
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