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What is an app cost calculator?

The app cost calculator is an online tool that provides a rough estimate of a mobile app development cost. This calculator is the perfect tool to get the complete cost breakdown of all the development phases on the type of application that you want to develop.

The cost of your mobile app is dependent on many factors that include but aren’t limited to platforms, API integrations, 3rd-Party integrations, push notifications, and furthermore functionalities. Once you have notified the calculator about your requirements, the cost calculator will analyze your input and will generate a rough estimate of the app development cost.

How can the app cost calculator help you?

An app cost calculator helps you in the following manner:

Please acknowledge that there’s no perfect way of quoting an estimated cost of a mobile app. Every app comes in handy with its unique requirements. So, we recommend that after receiving a rough estimation, connect with the sales team to know more about the cost.

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