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Lionheart: Dark Moon RPG is one of the best .best RPG mobile games on the play store. Fighting powerful monsters and testing the strength of your fighters in the arena are some of the critical points that have made this game the top RPG game for android! In this game, you would be putting your skills to the test and require gathering a team of heroes and sending them on an adventure to liberate their homeland and cast out the darkness. Try this game out if you have a knack for a thrilling experience!

Unique Hero02

For every game fanatic, they can’t simply stand the idea of having a weak hero. The hero happens to be the character around whom the entire story revolves around. Hence to satisfy the gamers, we divided the here’s into types: Earth, Mirror, Element, Nature, and Darkness. Each character is weak for some heroes but stands firm against the rest of the pack! You will need the specified subordination scheme and advantages to put the characters of the desired types on the battlefield - in some activities, this will be the key to victory.

Appingine | mobile app development company
Appingine | mobile app development company

Levels and Rewards Integrated!03

The tower has 300 levels of increasing difficulty. You fight a fixed number of enemies - five per level. To win, you must defeat all opponents. If you win, you get 10 tower coins for every floor you climb and 100 coins for every ten floors you climb. For getting all 300 levels of the Tower of Knowledge, you will earn 5,700 Tower Coins. If you lose 3 battles in a row, you will be locked out of the tower for 4 hours. These interactive levels and rewards integration keeps the user engaged with the game for prolonged hours!

Features different events!04

We consider that playing a single-story RPG game would soon make a play get bizarre from it. Hence to eradicate this fact, we have filled this game with different events that would keep a player motivated throughout the game! Moreover, you would be required to be a part of a guild, where you will face giants and feel the full power of enemies from various elements in the dungeons! The game has a rich storyline, beautiful graphics, and addictive gameplay, which makes this game to be the best among other mobile role-playing games!

Appingine | mobile app development company

About Lionheart Dark Moon App05

Take on epic RPG battles in this fantasy world with stunning 3D graphics!

Journey to collect keys and summon over 150 heroes! Battle mighty bosses and clash with other players in weekly PvP tournaments.

Defend your Kingdom from the eternal army of the Mirror as they lay siege to your world! Prove your might! Summon &...

Appingine | mobile app development company
Appingine | mobile app development company

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