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Efficient Tech/Crew Management 01

Alabaster Mobile App provides self-contractors with an efficient platform to manage their cleaning/janitorial services. They can register on the app and create end-customers that could be schools, institutions, and corporate companies. They can also create their locations and assign x-number of employees to end-customers according to their requirements. The app also enables self-contractors to view the schedule list and create upcoming shifts to assign to the employees. Furthermore, the app allows self-contractors to track all completed tasks by cleaners using a checklist report, which includes checklist name, location, description, and other necessary details.

Streamlined Inspection Reporting 02

Alabaster Mobile App streamlines the inspection reporting process for employees. The employees receive an email about their account information and can download the app, change their password, and complete the registration process by filling in other necessary details. The app allows employees to fill out a checklist/inspection report and upload small videos and pictures (before & after) at each job. These reports are automatically available in the self-contractor’s and end-customer’s dashboards. Additionally, employees can add check-in before starting the job and check-out after completing their job.

Appingine | mobile app development company
Appingine | mobile app development company

Real-Time Client Messaging03

Alabaster Mobile App offers real-time chatting/messaging with the end-customers within the app. The end-customers can enroll through their email ID and first & last name, receive an auto email notification with temporary passwords, and access their accounts. They can then complete their registration process by filling in other necessary details. The app allows end-customers to add inventory by adding the quantity of different predefined items. They can also see and add notes/comments to the checklist/inspection report and upload videos and pictures (before & after) at each job as created by employees.

Enhanced Translations and Inventory Management 04

Alabaster Mobile App provides enhanced translations and inventory management features to its users. The app offers self-contractors the ability to create custom inspections and produce cleaning inspection reports. They can add detailed job instructions with necessary details. The app also allows self-contractors to view all the problems for each job created by employees. This helps managers track and solve issues immediately. With inventory management, end-customers can manage their inventory by adding the quantity of different predefined items in the app. Overall, the Alabaster Mobile App is a comprehensive solution for all cleaning/janitorial services, ensuring efficient management, streamlined reporting, and effective communication.

Appingine | mobile app development company

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Appingine uses the cutting-edge technologies and gadgets in order to persuade the best user-experience for our potential clientele.

Appingine uses the latest tech to provide the best user experience for our clients.
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