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Welcome to the world of the dead!01

As kids, who wasn’t a big fan of the Zombie apocalypse? Everyone was! Hence now is the time to revive all those memories and step into the world of the dead for one more time! I hate Zombies is a game that comes enriched with intuitive features and specifications that suit best to a kid playing this game, or an adult looking forward to making hir boring time effective! I hate zombies is not only a game, but it’s also an addiction, so users are required to be scared, very scared!

Rush equipment!02

To surpass the army of Zombies that are luring to kill you in the game, you would need to have a set of suitable types of equipment and, most importantly, a high-speed car. But this doesn’t come for free. The game is integrated with in-game coins that a player has to earn in the game, to unlock new levels, vehicles, and what more! With each passing grade, the player would be required to get new equipment; hence the survival mode will last for a prolonged time! Install this game to witness the worth it comes with!

Appingine | mobile app development company
Appingine | mobile app development company

Intuitive graphics03

Graphics happens to be the feature that keeps a gamer intact with the game for a prolonged time. Considering this fact, while developing this profound game, special attention was paid to the graphics of the game so that anyone who plays it falls in love with it. From racing to zombies to dieing, all of the graphics integrated within the app are top-notch and will resume remaining the visual aid it deserves!

Compatible with all devices!04

It really doesn’t matter that whether you are an iPhone user or an iPad person, I hate zombies is a game that is for everyone! This game is built for a unique dual platform that makes sure to keep on providing a profound gaming experience, irrespective of the device it's being played on. For Apple device users, this game is a gift for them, and if you haven’t installed it already, then what you are waiting for?

Appingine | mobile app development company

About I Hate Zombies App05

*** Awarded 'BEST ACTION GAME' - Appy Awards 2013 ***

Ranked #1 Racing game with millions of players worldwide. I Hate Zombies™ Puts YOU in the drivers seat as you splatter hordes of zombies in the ultimate dash for freedom. Land manic airs, flips and tricks as you nitro your way across the USA, leaving the undead in your wake. Features include cute zombies, crazy cars, upgradeable power-ups, dynamic terrain, loads of coins, facebook promotions and daily prizes to make this a fun fuelled ride through the zombie apocalypse!...

Appingine | mobile app development company

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