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Secure and Easy Transportation for Students 01

SAFE provides a safe and reliable transportation platform for K-12 students. Parents and educators can easily book a ride with verified drivers for themselves or their children through the mobile application. The app allows parents to add multiple children up to five and fill out their details, such as student ID, name, grade, and school in the profile section. With the geo-location tracking feature, parents and educators can keep track of their children's live location during the ride.

Seamless Payment Options and Features 02

SAFE offers a seamless payment process for users. Parents and educators can pay for themselves while payment for students is provided by the government department. Parents can add payment details through the profile section, including payment through card or bank account. The app offers a ride-sharing feature, enabling users to divide the fare seamlessly among multiple drop-off points, including multiple riders with unique student IDs.

Appingine | mobile app development company
Appingine | mobile app development company

Communication and Community Features03

SAFE provides an in-app chat feature, allowing drivers and riders to communicate with each other easily. The app also offers a community groups feature for the latest updates and alert notifications managed by the app admin through the web-based admin panel. Users can also send friend invites through email and chat with their friends within the app. The app also offers a social login feature, allowing users to register and log in through their social media accounts.

Safety Features and Emergency Response 04

The SAFE app offers several safety features, including emergency response, enabling riders, parents, and app admins to take necessary action when needed. The app provides an emergency button that redirects the user to the phone calling functionality to initiate a call. Users can also share their feedback and complaints through the app. In case the driver does not show up, the ride is cancelled, and the app admin reverses payment through the admin panel.

Appingine | mobile app development company
Appingine | mobile app development company

Simplifying Access with Multi-Feature05

SAFE provides multi-feature which allows users to seamlessly switch between client and admin access via a shared email account. This innovative feature simplifies the process of switching between accounts and reduces the need for multiple logins, enabling a more efficient and streamlined experience. Users can easily manage their travel history, payment information, and preferences while accessing advanced management tools such as trip monitoring, reporting, and fare adjustments.

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