Project Overview

Efficiently Monitor & Track Your Guards in Real-Time With Security Guard Mobile Apps. Manage Guard Tours, Track Guard Location, and Increase Operational Efficiency With Security Guard Apps for Android and iPhone.

Track and Monitor Your Guards

Ensure complete tour and shift coverage and keep track of guard location and tour status across all sites.

Increase Guard Productivity

Establish clear communications & post orders, ensuring that your guards complete their shifts efficiently & perform at their best.

Enabled For Remote Supervision

Our apps come out-of-the-box enabled to meet contactless interactions & remote supervision. Remotely supervise guards during their shifts.

Key Features of Our Security Guard Apps

GPS, NFC, and Barcode Tracking

Deploy NFC or barcode tags at checkpoints along tour and patrol routes giving you and stakeholders real-time tracking insights and keeping guards accountable.

DAR and Incident Reporting

Create customizable DAR and Incident report templates and ease officer reporting. Streamline communications between supervisors and stakeholders.

Post Order Management

Distribute guard instructions and make changes in real time, ensuring correct procedures are followed.

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App Screenshots

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