Gathering Requirements

Appingine works closely with client requirements for their projects. Client requirements are brainstormed with in-house team developers and sometimes a wireframe model or prototype is produced so the client can verify if final product will satisfy their expectations.

Cost Estimation

Appingine project managers keenly observe and analyze the cost estimation for overall project deliverables and opt to provide a complete record of cost estimation which will be discussed with the clients so they can select the most suitable package according to their business needs.

Project Development

Once cost estimation process is finalized, our team kick-start the project development process and works round the clock to finish the project deliverables before final deadline.

Testing and QA

Once the project is completed from development phase, our testers and quality assurance team verify if the final produce don’t contain any unsuspected bugs or other unknown glitches/error to ensure the final product will be the finest and premium in quality aspect.

Project Deliverables

The final phase of our working process is releasing the project deliverables to our clients when all of the previous phases have been executed successfully.

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