What Is Meta AI and How Does It Work?


Camilla Lawrance


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We've all been scrolling through our favorite social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, but have you ever wondered about the technology that powers these platforms? It's called Meta, and it’s the secret sauce behind your social media experience!

Meta itself makes every advancement and update you witness on your social media platforms. Right now, the latest buzzword the world is talking about is meta AI!

All social media apps have undergone the latest tech-savvy update, and the Meta AI option can easily be distinguished on apps’ screens with a purple logo!

So what exactly Meta AI is and how to use it to your advantage? Read the guide below to find out!

What Is Meta AI?

Appingine | mobile app development company

Every industry we see today is under the influence of Artificial intelligence (AI) and now social media apps have taken its taste!

Think of Meta Ii to be the “ChatGpt” of social media apps. The concept behind meta AI is super simple.

Everywhere you have a chat window open in a social media app, Meta AI will be available throughout the chat in case you need its help. This AI chatbot is smart enough to have a normal conversation with you and can even search the web for you.

So, at any point, you feel like you are stuck in the app or even in life - Meta AI has got you covered!

Which Apps Are Already Integrated With Meta AI?

Appingine | mobile app development company

It’s rare to find Chatgpt and Bard readily available in every app, as a Chatbot of this kind is designated to one place—Chatgpt is available only on its website, and Bard is only available in a search bar.

But Meta is taking things differently, and instead of being available in only one set place, Meta AI is now integrated into social media giants like Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram.

However, resources and experts believe that apps like Pinterest and TikTok will soon be under its influence, too!

What Meta AI Chatbot Can Do?

Appingine | mobile app development company

Normally, when we refer to a Chatbot, the first thought that comes to our mind is that the AI Chatbot can efficiently hold normal conversations.

Meta AI is not just your average Chatbot. It’s a versatile tool capable of a wide range of tasks. Need a picture designed? Simply share your idea with Meta AI, and you’ll have your picture in seconds. This level of versatility is what sets Meta AI apart, sparking intrigue and excitement about its potential.

In addition, thanks to the Bing integration Meta AI comes with; it can help you with random web searches, saving you tons of time doing them yourself.

Though Meta AI can’t create voice messages at the moment, this, too, is a work in progress!

How To Access Meta AI?

Appingine | mobile app development company

Getting started with Meta AI is as easy as putting butter on a jam. To use Meta AI, you need to ensure that your social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram are updated to the latest version.

Your smartphone should also have the latest Android version, as the Meta AI update isn’t available on old iOS and Android platforms.

Once you have updated apps on your phone, open anyone you like. Usually, at the top of the screen, you will see a search bar labeled “Meta AI.”

Insert any of your queries and here you go - as easy as that!

How To Give The Right Prompts To Meta AI?

As easy as it may sound, giving prompts to Meta AI is not everyone's cup of tea. Many people failed to get the desired output from Meta AI, even when they were confident of the fact that they inserted the right prompt.

In order to save you time learning the prompting for Meta AI, here are some of the prompting keywords that you can use to get your desired output.

  1. Write: This is to be used when you want Meta AI to write you a description.
  2. Summarize: Use this keyword when you want Meta AI to summarize a long-form text for you.
  3. Imagine: This keyword is meant to be used when you want Meta AI to generate a high-quality image for you.
  4. Animate: If you want to add animation to your Meta AI-generated image, you need to use this keyword.

Final Thoughts!

You might remember how ChatGpt took over the world with a storm—from its launch to today; people still talk about it.

Meta AI is the new ChatGpt for people, but unlike ChatGpt, it offers more favorable perks and has already created a fandom of its own.

Every social media app is under the influence of Meta AI, and soon, this integration will be adopted by other industries, too.

So, in order to stay ahead in the market, you need to keep yourself aware of the recent ongoings - and the guide here is to help you out with that!