How Much Does It Cost To Develop An iOS App in 2024?


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Do you know that recent studies show that iOS users are more likely to make in-app purchases and spend more money on an iOS app than Android users?

Witnessing the grand potential of iOS apps, startups and entrepreneurs always opt for iOS apps over Android apps.

Saying that, while starting to know more about iOS app development, the very first question that comes to mind is, “How much does it cost?”.

Well, before getting to the actual cost of iOS app development, you need to understand that several factors directly impact your price.

This is why our experts have created the guide below. From factors that affect the iOS app development cost to tips and tricks that can help you reduce the development price, the guide addresses your every query!

So, what’s a real iOS app development fee? Read on to find out!

5 Factors Influencing an iOS App Development Cost

While getting on with an iOS app development, there are several factors that one needs to consider. Though several factors decide your iOS app development cost, however, the most influential ones are explained below:

1. The Complexity Level of App Development

These are the factors that decide the complexity of the app:

  • The number of features in the app
  • 3rd party integrations
  • The app’s UI/UX layout
  • App’s custom and backend solutions.

Just know that the more complicated an app is in terms of these elements, the more resources and time it'll require to increase, and therefore, the higher the development cost can be.

2. The Complexity Level of App Design

The design of the app, together with the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), can impact the cost of development.

A complex layout with custom animations, images, and transitions will require extra effort and time from the development team, as a result, escaping the iOS app development prices.

Let’s delve into key factors that determine the complexity of app layout:

User Interface (UI)

A simple app with a basic UI may best require a few displays with simple visible elements, inclusive of buttons and text fields. However, a complex app with superior animations, custom pix, and complicated user flows will require an extra state-of-the-art and tricky UI design.

Today, there’s a need to optimize UI design for a wide variety of screen sizes and tool orientations, which adds to the development price.

User Experience (UX)

User experience refers to all components of the user’s with the application, consisting of its ease of use, responsiveness, and usual pleasure of the user with the app’s functionality and overall performance.

Creating a very good UX requires a large funding of time and assets to dig deeper into the audience, user behavior, and enterprise tendencies, which improves the general iOS app development cost.

Brand Identity

The app’s design needs to replicate the logo identification of your organization. This requires a deep know-how of your company and its values, which may add complexity to the layout process - ultimately growing the general iOS app development cost.

User Interface (UI)

3. App Category

The category of the app can also have a large effect on the iOS app development cost.

Certain categories such as gaming, social networking, and e-commerce, which involve complex functionalities, interactivity, and Third-party party integrations, may also require greater time and resources to develop, as a result increasing the overall price of development.

On the other hand, less complicated app categories, along with utilities or lifestyle, may have fewer functionalities and simpler designs, requiring much less time and resources to develop and, consequently, resulting in decreased development expenses.

4. Development Team Size

The development group size can vary depending on the idea’s scope, complexity, timeline, and finances. The rule here is straightforward: the bigger the development team, the more the cost of developing an iOS app.

Typically, a small development team could encompass 2 to 3 developers at the same time, as a larger team could have 5 to 10 developers or more. The team may additionally consist of other key roles, inclusive of a project supervisor, UX/UI designer and quality assurance tester.

This can substantially boost the general iOS app development cost. When it comes to enticing technical experts to your challenge, you can both work with freelancers or hire a dedicated complete-stack iOS app development team.

As you may see from the above price breakdown, the first option may turn out to be more costly than the other one.

5. Development Team Location

iOS app development is much cheaper in a few areas than others due to variations in the hourly prices charged by developers.

As per the statistics, developers from North America and Western Europe charge higher costs as compared to programmers from Asia; you can develop an app at half the development price if you choose to work with developers from Asia.

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The Hidden Costs of iOS App Development

While some of the iOS app development fees are quite obvious, there are hidden prices that you may not forget about. Let’s have a glance:

1. App Store Deployment Fees:

Apple charges a yearly price of $99 to post an app on the App Store. This fee is charged no matter whether the app generates revenue or not.

2. Quality Assurance & Accessibility Testing:

Once your app is evolved, it wishes to be rigorously tested to ensure that it supplies a top-notch user experience to all.

Some companies offer quality assurance in their iOS app development package, however, still it’s vital to ask about this factor before getting into any direct contract.

3. After deployment Maintenance and Support:

After the launch, it’s important to maintain and preserve your app to make sure that it remains exceptionally functional with new iOS updates and gadgets.

These maintenance prices are normally around 20% of common app development fees in step with the year.

4. App Marketing:

Even a fine iOS app won’t achieve success if nobody knows about it.

To promote your app and user acquisition, you should put money into advertising and marketing techniques, which include social media marketing, SEO, content advertising, and marketing, amongst others.

A Phase By Phase iOS App Development Cost

Any iOS app development undertaking goes through 5 phases. Each phase could have a great impact on the general cost of your idea.

Below is a breakdown of the iOS app development cost primarily based on the phase by phase of development:

1. Planning & Conceptualization

During this phase, the number one aim is to take advantage of a comprehensive knowledge of your app’s imaginative and prescient necessities.

The aim is to come up with an in-depth roadmap that includes a nicely defined timeline and identifies the necessary sources for successful task execution.

2. UI/UX Design

This stage involves making wireframes and interactive prototypes to visualize your iOS app’s user interface and user experience and also developing the very last visual design and assets for your app, which include icons and animations.

As the complexity of the layout and the wide variety of displays and required assets, the overall iOS app development price additionally rises.

3. Development

During this stage, the front-end developers, back-end developers, and QA engineers work together to develop your app idea into a completely practical iOS app.

Front-stop development:

It’s about creating the user interface of the app. The cost varies in keeping with the complexity and range of monitors required.

Back-end development:

It includes developing server-aspect additives, APIs, and database integration if required. The complexity of the returned-cease infrastructure and integrations prompts the value.

Quality Assurance:

This app demands comprehensive Quality Assurance experts to test the app against bugs and errors to ensure smooth functionality and stability of the app.

App Store Deployment

The price for App Store Deployment in your iOS app is normally minimal and covered inside the common iOS app development cost.

4. Ongoing Maintenance & Updates

It entails the Maintenance and Support required to make sure your iOS app perseveres in functionality, overall performance, and reliability after its initial launch.

Those Maintenance and Support responsibilities normally are resolving bugs, compatibility updates, performance optimization, characteristic upgrades, backend preservation, and security updates.

The cost depends on the maintenance settlement with the development team or agency you're going with.

Ways to Reduce iOS App Development Costs

There are many tested ways to successfully manipulate and reduce iOS app development fees for startups - at the same time as making a fantastic app. Let’s have a look:

1. Develop a Minimal Viable Product (MVP).

Developing an MVP can save you 50% or greater on typical development charges. An MVP is built with the bare minimum yet need-to-have functions.

Thus, by way of prioritizing important features and overlooking useless development, you could appreciably lessen expenses in comparison to developing a complete-fledged app from scratch. This technique also lets you release a useful model of your app quicker.

2. Choose a Cost-Effective Development Approach.

If you plan to target more than one system in the future, go with a cross-platform development approach. Though the local app development approach gives high performance, tailor-made user experiences, and superior security, it involves developing a separate codebase for each platform. This increases development charges and time.

On the other hand, a cross-platform development technique allows you to put in writing code as soon as possible and deploy it on multiple structures together with iOS and Android. This consequences in a large reduction in each development cost and time.

3. Use Open-source Libraries and Frameworks

Take advantage of open-source libraries and frameworks to develop a robust iOS app. They are free to use, which could save you spending extra bucks.

Moreover, open-source libraries and frameworks can help you create more enticing and user-friendly mobile apps.

For example, the Flutter and React Native frameworks may be applied to create local-like mobile applications for both iOS and Android.

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4. Test Early and Thoroughly

Testing early and thoroughly is an amazing approach that could assist in reducing app development costs and bolster the result of the final product.

By imposing a strong QA and trying out a strategy early within the development cycle, you may locate and resolve bugs at an early level before they emerge as main troubles afterward.

This technique also enables us to boost up the time to market to your app, giving you a premium advantage.

Using automated app testing techniques lets you automate the testing process and reduce manual effort to a great extent, which could empower you to pay attention to different essential obligations.

5. Outsource App Development

One of the most important reasons why companies outsource is to decrease expenses. According to Deloitte studies, a whopping 63% of organizations find outsourcing as a powerful value-reducing element.

The motive is that the hourly prices of app developers vary considerably from region to area.

For instance, the rate of developers in North America is around $250, consistent with hours. On the other hand, the fee for developers with the same proficiency but in a different region is $200 - you can estimate the cost differences yourself.

Partner With An Expert iOS App Development Company

As of today, when iOS devices are changing the global realm, investing in an iOS app can turn out to be the best decision of your life.

Partnering with a reliable app development team allows you to optimize development fees and ensure that the final product is of top-notch quality and meets your desires to the fullest.

Working with a seasoned development team can lessen development costs and time, as they will let you leverage agile development methodologies to provide you with a robust and profitable product.

You need to connect with an expert iOS app development company like Appingine that puts your needs to the forefront and has what it takes to bring your idea to life. Investing with Appingine can get you to places for sure!

Final Thoughts!

With millions of users worldwide, iOS has emerged as one of the popular mobile app platforms. By investing in iOS app development, startups and companies can expand their target audience reach and doubtlessly get their hands on a heap of profits.

Concluding the main question, “How much does it cost to develop an iOS app in 2024” we want you to know that the actual cost of developing your iOS app can only be determined by means of discussing the undertaking requirements and scope with specialists.

Our iOS app development experts at Appingine allow you to accurately estimate the price it will take to bring your iOS app idea to life. We are specialists in turning in scalable and stable iOS app solutions that make your business a brand!