10 Latest Free Games For iPhone in 2024


Camilla Lawrance


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When boredom strikes, mobile games prove to be your ultimate escape.

Whether you are a game fanatic who loves to challenge himself with daring adventure or you are a mini Einstein who loves putting your brain to work by solving complex puzzles - the AppStore surely has something stored for everyone!

Unfortunately, the sheer volume of games on the AppStore has made it extra daunting for people to choose the best one.

But not anymore, as our experts are here to your rescue. Below, we enlist some of the best free iPhone games in 2024 that satisfy your game cravings successfully.

Rocket League Sideswipe

The best console game, Rocket League now available exclusively for iPhone Users to cherish the ultimate combo of footie and automobiles now on their screens!

What counts as the best part of the game is that it is designed so that most games usually end on penalties, taking real soccer fanatics' gaming experience to a whole new level!

The gameplay revolves around rocket-powered automobiles on each side blazing around an area, aiming to smack an enormous ball into big goalmouths. The game modules further enhance the game by making it more competitive.

The game is surely compelling, and football lovers should really give this game a try!

Super Arcade Football

Super arcade football is the best footie game ever, and this freebie is the closest you’ll get to it on an iPhone. Dinky gamers dash around a pitch, booting the ball around in pinball fashion. Is the game realistic? Actually, no, but the game’s strength is that it neatly recreates what you feel soccer to be like while you play.

Like the Sensi games, this one’s tongue is firmly in cheek. The game makes you grin with excellent pitch customization or the way in which the game has almost as much violence as Speedball 2, with the refs extraordinarily reticent at handing out playing cards. A funny vintage game, then? Yes - but a playable and frequently thrilling one, too.

Super Stickman Golf three

Super Stickman Golf Three’s ancestor is the identical Apple II Artillery game Angry Birds has at its core. Still, Noodlecake’s identity is a lot more fun than catapulting birds around, making it one of the fine loose video games around.

It’s a bigger-than-existence side-on mini-golf extravaganza, with you throwing balls in giant forests, space stations especially lacking in gravity, and bizarre fortresses with suspiciously high deadly laser counts.

The single-participant recreation is fun as SSMG 3 comes into its own in multiplayer, whether you’re taking the greater sedate turn-by-turn route or ball-smacking at pace within the frenetic race mode. Note that the free model has a few regulations but there’s still lots of truly loopy golf right here to play.

Data Wing

Data Wing may be the biggest bargain on mobile. If there were any justice, someone would glue it to the top of the freebie games charts forever. And yet it all seems so simple at first – a top-down racer, where you zoom about minimalist circuits, gaining speed from scraping track edges.

But the racing is only part of what’s soon revealed as an expansive neon-infused adventure.

It features a deranged AI, a world that exists beyond the screen, and gravity-battling sections that recall the classic 8-bit title Thrust. There are no ads or IAPs - just hours of enjoyable arcade action peppered with thoughtful, clever narrative.

Pumped BMX Flow

Following up on previous entries within the Pumped BMX series, Flow finds your frantically pedaling protagonist soaring into the air exclusive ramps to show off stunts and keep the users intact to the game.

In reality, Flow has generated tracks that may probably go on for all time – even though even if you get excellent at handing your bike, still your fingers are give up at some point.

If you have a knack for pulling off stunts on your bike, Pumped BMX Flow is the perfect iPhone game app.

Pocket Run Pool

Smacking balls around an actual pool desk can be quite splendid. However, in gaming, the experience is frequently ruined by using the PC opponent because its ‘brain’ can calculate the best shots in a fraction of the time.

Pocket Run Pool deftly addresses this by removing opponents, leaving a solo attempt based on math, strategy, and a variety of aiming.

The game is played pinnacle-down on a minimum table. Pockets have multipliers. Points are offered based on the shot played multiplied by the balls potted.

When each ball is pocketed, multipliers rotate, which means you should plan to get a satisfactory score. Overall, this app here is the perfect iPhone game for anyone who loves to test his skills out in snooker!

Kitty Death Room

We’re no longer sure what’s happening with the kitty on this platform puzzler, but things look serious! Each smallish degree is packed with deadly traps, and the heroic moggie wishes to attain an exit. This frequently requires the kitty to devour inexperienced pellets that allow it to expel ghost-like variations of itself, which could then be used as structures.

If that’s not weird enough, spooky between-stage areas involve cryptic chats with spectral oldsters – and produce yet more possibilities for demise. Although death isn't always the end, you've got limitless attempts to reach your goal.

Help kitty navigate towards its goal with dozens of battles in the way! Be assured that while playing Kitty Death Room, you are in for fun!

Jump Jerboa

Think it’s difficult being a mouse in a maze? That’s nothing compared to the lifestyles of the titular rodent on this brutal one-thumb platformer. Having broken out from its cage, the leapy hero finds itself blazing through obstacle guides full of jerboa-killing risks.

At first, you want to leap over the abnormal spike, wall-jump like a hairy ninja, and make for the exit.

Before lengthy, though, you’re tackling cannons, portals, marching enemies, and keys that irritatingly teleport from factor to point. It’s wonderful stuff, particularly the devious degree design that gives the game a strongly attractive component.

Super Mombo Quest

You get the feel this rapid platformer isn’t taking itself critically on understanding its madcap hero can stick to walls using its massive tongue. That’s a pretty grim superpower - and playing this game with this superpower is pure satisfaction!

You make your way via interconnected levels across an expansive map, grabbing gems and leaping on enemies - but that is greater than Mario welded to Metroid.

Each stage demands situations that require you to dispatch enemies quickly to reap the coveted Mombo Combo. There are deranged boss battles, alternate Mombo forms, and heaps of secrets and techniques to locate.

It’s about time that you step into the world of an ultimate quest with this best iPhone game!

Super Cat Tales 2

In a time-honored videogame, evil aliens have invaded - and if there is someone who can save you, they are the “cats”!

With its chunky retro pixels and old-faculty platforming action, you may first think a hitherto has scrabbled into your iPhone. But in reality, Super Cat Tales 2 is cutting-edge in its approach and is one of the best iPhone games to exist in 2024.

Levels are quick but smart, encouraging mobile play and repeat tries. Best of all, you can sprint, soar, wall-soar, and blow up extraterrestrial beings using huge yellow tanks, all by using the smart two-thumb management system.

It baffles at first, but when mastered, it makes you wish each virtual D-pad would be destroyed via the claws of a very dissatisfied cat.

Final Thoughts!

Imagine the thrill of challenging yourself on a daring virtual adventure or the satisfaction of solving a challenging puzzle - all this without the need for an internet connection; quite surprising, right?

The best iPhone games that we have mentioned above are one of a kind! Well, we have tried our best to give you a glimpse of what these games are stored for you, but still the real deal is for you to check these games yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Try any of the best iPhone games on the list and level up your gaming experience instantly!