12 Best Loan Apps Like Brigit In 2024


Camilla Lawrance


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In an era when financial uncertainties are at their peak, having a backup plan is crucial. When running out of savings, the first thought that comes to mind is to get cash advances from a loan app.

But when we are talking about money - “scam” is the word we hear in our mind!

Since the PlayStore and App Store are filled with loan apps, seeking a legitimate option can be daunting. One viable option is the renowned app Brigit, but it can’t cater to everyone's needs, right?

For that matter, our experts have enlisted the ten best apps like Bridgit that you can use in 2024. Having these around ensures that your finances are in secure hands!


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FloatMe is among the top financial management apps of 2024. It is designed to help users manage their finances easily.

As the best alternative app like Bridgit, FloatMe offers users instant cash advances to provide them with a much-needed financial cushion before their payday.

What actually sets FloatMe apart from other apps is its transparent fee structure. Prior to getting a loan from the app, the app clearly states its terms of re-payment with no hidden charges to provide users with the best possible experience.

On the odds that you have run out of money and your payday isn’t close to managing your expenses, FloatMe has surely got you covered.

Brinks Money

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If you are looking for a comprehensive platform that offers a range of services, then Brinks Money can surely turn out to be your go-to financial management platform.

Coming in handy with options like cash advances, mobile banking features, and budgeting tools, Brinks Money serves as a reliable alternative app to Bridgit.

This app provides people with an instant access to funds before their pay-day and help them cover unexpected expenses or financial struggles with ease.

The best part about Brinks Money is that it comes loaded with financial educational resources to help users make informed decisions and improve their finances instantly.

Get started with this best app like Brigit, and achieve excellent financial stability with ease.


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Dave stands as a commendable choice as an alternative app like Bridgit, especially when your goal is to navigate through tough financial spots. Offering an easy loan of $100, Dave serves as a minor yet strong financial cushion until your next payday arrives!

Having a modest fee, Dave ensures that you don’t fall into debt by paying hefty interest on loans from commercial banks. Being super user-friendly, Dave ensures a seamless experience even for new people to cash advance apps!

Give a try to Dave, and improve your financial literacy and stability over time!


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MoneyLion acts as a robust financial ally, especially when your cash runs dry before your payday arrives! The best part about MoneyLion is that it isn’t just a one-time life savior but a continual financial companion, making it a strong alternative app like Bridgit.

This app not only provides users with immediate cash advances but also delves into a holistic financial approach by offering users credit builder loans and investment opportunities for the broader financial safety of the users.

With MoneyLion, managing your finances becomes easy!

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Affirm is an exclusive app that allows you to buy things on the spot and pay for them at your convenience. Affirming is like having a friend who helps make big purchases less scary by splitting up the cost!

This app here is an excellent showcase of mobile app development features being integrated perfectly.

If your goal is to manage your money in a better way while still being able to spend it efficiently, Affirm can surely help you achieve your financial goal!


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If you are looking for a friend who can help you lend an instant loan before your payday, DailyPay can be your friend!

As the name reflects, having DailyPay is like having a life savior. The main goal of DailyPay is to provide you with peace of mind with your money. Keeping your daily spending intact, DailyPay makes sure to keep your earnings safe from overspending.

Give a try to DailyPay, and feel confident about your money like never before!


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People find Activehours a replica and the best alternative app like Bridgit. ActiveHours has helped millions of people by providing them with an extra hand of cash when people run out of savings.

Having ActiveHours around is like being a part of a community that understands financial hardships and is there for you through the thick and thin money era!

The best part about ActiveHours is the repayment policy. You get the loan instantly, but you pay it back at your convenience!

Looking For More Financial Help? Consider the best alternative, like Solo Funds!

Ingo Money

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When it comes to immediate cash advances, Ingo Money stands tall among all the other alternative apps like Bridgit.

Ingo Money is a multifaced platform that not only provides cash advances to those in need but also looks after hard-earned money by providing users with financial advice.

Coming with a user-friendly interface, Ingo Money isn’t only a stopgap for financial woes but surely a trustworthy companion in managing your finances!


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Chime's prime objective is to take a step ahead in cash advances and bend the art of modern banking with a touch of financial freedom and wellness. Chime is like the neobank that transcends traditional banking hurdles, making it easier for users to get instant money.

The best part about Chime is its user-friendly interface. With just a few clicks, you would be able to get credited with funds. Developed by a premium mobile app development company, Chime comes integrated with features like automatic savings and budgeting tools for its users!

This ease of access is undoubtedly a boon for anyone going through a monetary crunch before the payday!


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When it comes to financial wellness, Even is surely outstanding option! The endeavor of this best alternative like Brigit extends beyond just providing users with instant cash advances, focusing on a holistic financial approach that becomes a game-changer for many!

The app's forte lies in the amount of cash it provides to the users as per their earnings. Do not have enough credit scores? Don’t worry; just prove your source of income and per-day earnings, and you will be able to take a quick loan from Even!

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Branch is the most unique alternative app like Brigit that you will find here. Why is it unique? It is because of the approach it pursues.

The branch app is not about having instant cash advances and financial freedom; it is about understanding your finances and managing them in a much better way.

The process for getting a loan on Branch is simple - put in your request, prove your earnings, and get the loan instantly.


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The very last app that we have as the best alternative app, like Brigit, is none other than Earnin. The best thing we love about Earnin is that it helps you relieve financial pressure by releasing your income ahead of schedule.

The app comes with a distinctive charge-tipping structure that highlights a community-driven approach, contributing to making Earnin a popular option.

With Earnin, you can take out some of your earned cash before your payday. But the cash you can take out before your payday is calculated as per your working hours - making sure you save enough and spend enough simultaneously!

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Final Thoughts!

With so many cash advance options easily available over Play Store and App Store, choosing the right one might prove to be a daunting task.

Exploring apps like Bridgit opens viable options for you to not only get instant cash but also invite you to start a journey of better financial management.

The options provided here are one of the best alternatives for Brigit apps. Choose any of the options from the list, and we assure you that the experience you will witness will surely be a profound one!